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There Is Something In The Water (or Test Tube!)

Mar 13, 2008 by Teg

There must be some laboratory which is growing Asian television presenters. I have just discovered another one, while surfing TS Celebs forum. I was actually looking for the latest news (and screen caps) on Asha but was intrigued by the thread with the name of the News 24 / 60 Seconds presenter. I downloaded a quick AVI file from RapidShare and then read up some more on her thread to find her official web site. On her bio page, it highlighted her television slots. It was 21:33, I put on WinTV and switched over to BBC News 24. Sure enough, there she was in full technicolour glory presenting Entertainment 24. Oh, her name? It couldn't get any more exotic than Tasmin Lucia Khan. Miss Khan's beautiful eyes are just mesmerizing! Don't you agree?

Right back down to earth and Asha Tanna News. Her appreciation society over on Face Book is now 69 members strong. E-mailed Asha once again at her five news address but so far, as expected no reply. Although we have had some relatives join the group and promise to let Asha know about this site and her ever growing Face Book following. Finally got around to uploading a news bulletin from late February onto YouTube. (Apologise that the opening sequence is missing, my PC decided to crash!)