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The Year Of The Asha Breakthrough?

Jan 13, 2008 by Teg

Happy New Year to all you Asha fans out there. And there are quite a few. As you can see from the stats below, the Asha Tanna Appreciation Society on Face Book has increased in membership ten fold over the Christmas period.

22/12/07 - 3 members
26/12/07 - 15 members
03/01/08 - 23 members
08/01/08 - 27 members
13/01/08 - 32 members

Meanwhile, the original Asha Tanna versus Priya Kaur-Jones group has increased to 55 members. I think there are many members like me, who are still in both groups. So the numbers are a little deceptive, but progress nonetheless.

Will this be the year we see Asha make her breakthrough and find a wider audience to enjoy and apprecite her. I do not mean a big profile, golden handcuffs move to the Beeb, Sky or one of the American news networks but even a more prominent role within the Five News team. Although I find this a difficult prospect with so many ex-BBC news presenters there now. More importantly than that though, will this be the year that Miss Tanna acknowledges the site and gives it her full blessing? We shall see, I plan to write to the PR department at Five News in the coming few weeks and get the ball rolling again.