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A Worthy Challenger

Feb 24, 2008 by Teg

While I was out quite early yesterday morning happened to be watching BBC News 24 while in the waiting area. BBC Weekend Breakfast with a female Asian presenter along side Charlie Stayt. She looked familiar but I could not place a name to the face so I waited until I was online late yesterday afternoon to do a bit of research. It was the former BBC Asian Network Breakfast show presenter - Sonia Deol. She looked different with her new haircut. Plus, the volume had been so low on the television screen I had been watching that I could not make out the names, as the presenters introduced themselves. I must say that she does give Asha a big run for her money. Talk about transformations, just check out these before and after photographs. If only I could get a date for the earlier image. To those interested, there is of course a Face Book group. Of course, I should not be spending so much time discussing another news presenter from the other side but it has to be said. There are other challengers for Asha crown. I am sure most of you would agree that this is the most worthy to be spotted so far.

Quite rude of me to post without a proper mention of Asha. A member of the Face Book group posted that she would be presented the Evening News at 6.45pm, so I got ready to hit the record button my WinTV software. I have yet to upload the video to YouTube but for the time being you can have a screenshot with the snazzy new studio background.

Back...but for how long?

Feb 17, 2008 by Teg

As the saying goes, a week is a long time in politics and as a consequence also news reporting. Caught Asha purely by chance back on Five News Update this evening at 7.30pm. I tried to take a few screengrabs but they did not come out well so I waited two hours for the late evening update before taping and uploading to YouTube. However this return may be premature, Natasha Kaplinsky starts presenting from tomorrow in the new renovated studio.

Where In The World Is Asha Tanna?

Feb 10, 2008 by Teg

Things are eerily quiet on the Asha Tanna front. She appears to have disappeared from our television screens with many concerned posts on the wall of her appreciation society on Face Book. (Up to 42 members and growing by the way).

I sent an e-mail to Kay Breeze - Head of Factual and Features Publicity (as her details were over on the Five News contact page) on January 22nd. However, as I expected I have had no response whatsoever. I suppose I could be brave and pick up the phone and call her. Although I imagine I would be filtered by some PA or switchboard. Might be worth ago at some point. If anyone has any other suggestions on ways to contact Asha I would be most grateful to hear from you. Only the big news presenters (Fiona, Huw and Sir Trev) have agents, don't they?

There was a request on the Face Book group for more pictures of Asha. This is not exactly easy if she not appearing regularly on the box. I therefore have taken one of my favourites from the Current Buns website - although bear in mind it is from November. (Click on the image for a larger high res image.)

[Image courtesy of Current Buns]

I hope in my next update I bring you more news on Asha and she will have made several appearance on our favourite news bulletins. Until then you can find me with the other fans over on Face Book.