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No News Is Good News?

Dec 22, 2007 by Teg

As the phrase goes, is no contact a good thing? I have heard nothing from Asha or Five News. It has been over three months since I sent my letter and e-mail. At the very least I was expecting a cease & desist letter from BSkyB's lawyers. I am unsure of my next move, perhaps writing to someone at Five News in the PR department or to Sky themselves. Of course that can wait until the new year.

Meanwhile on Face Book, the original Asha Tanna versus Priya Kaur-Jones group has reached 48 members. Miss Tanna's popularity is so much so that one of her few female fans, Anika has created a new group. The imaginatively entitled, Asha Tanna Appreciation Society. Only three members at present (including myself) but this will surely grow over time. It was the right move, the rookie beat the veteran; it is now time for the next challenge.