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A Match Made In Heaven

Apr 26, 2009 by Teg

It was late on Good Friday evening that I saw a familiar face on a completely unexpected channel. Yes, Asha was presenting late coverage on Sky Sports News. Yes, I know she was presenting on GMTV but it looks like Murdoch has realised the potential of the Asian presenter would be lost on breakfast television and brought her back to Sky. Now we can watch Miss Tanna present on sports. Although I need to find out when exactly she will be on the show and hope it was not just a one off as cover. This has to be a match made in heaven.

[Image courtesy of TS Celebs]

It appears that Asha has also been on Sky News, so perhaps she was just filling a gap on Sky Sports News. We shall see, but for the time being to join other Asha Tanna fans go and head to her Appreciation Society over on Facebook.