Asha Tanna
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News Presenter or Journalist

Feb 21, 2015 by Teg

On my tour of New Broadcasting House at the BBC yesterday morning, we were informed of the recent changes in the TV news sphere. People were no longer employed to present the news for their received pronunciation and mastery of the Queen's English. The job has evolved into that of a journalist. Most of the well know news presenters cut their mustard in print or radio before making the transition onto television. It was fascinating to be in the heart of the building which broadcast so much of the news and radio I listen to on a daily basis and of course has been home to Asha Tanna on many occasions throughout the years. I wonder what Miss Tanna's view on this would be, I am sure journalism is her first love (or perhaps second after primate studies)] so maybe I need to rename the heading of this website. Will reach out and found out.

Thankfully I am now in dialogue with Asha via the wonderful medium of Twitter and have been able to at least ascertain that while she is not in a position to endorse the site (fully understandable) she is happy for me to continue to maintain the online presence, even though in her humble opinion such a dedicated effort on my part is completely necessary and unwarranted.

Back from Hiatus

Feb 15, 2015 by Teg

Almost exactly four years since I updated the site. News on the Asha Tanna front had been limited, apart from her odd freelance appearance on BBC News or Channel 4 News. While on Twtter, I noticed Asha had retweeted several tweets from ARise TV. A new channel recently added to the Freeview plaform. Two weeks ago I sent Asha a tweet to find out when she appears on screen.

Making a mental note to get up early the following weekend to catch Ms Tanna presenting the weekend morning broadcast, when the time came it had completely slipped my mind and it was only today (a Sunday morning) that I was able to drag myself out of bed and remember to switch over to channel 136. I thought to myself it was time to update Asha's unofficial site and let her fans know she is back on our screens on a regular basis.