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Welcome to my web site. On the following pages you will find out information about me and my work. This web site was originally created in my search for a placement, for the third year of my degree programme. By documenting my time on work experience, I built up a record of my achievements during my year out. The next incarnation, from September 2003, was to document and present my final year project. Now it makes the final osmosis into showcasing my achievements and future career aspirations.

Sunday 27th April 2008

Some minor housekeeping across the site, the log continues but updates are on more of a adhoc basis (average of one per a month) at this stage. I will continue to tweak around the edges but this is only my professional home on the web. My personal home page (and blog) can be found over at

Sunday 13th November 2006

The log has been running for nearly two years now, but I thought it only now appropriate to add some sort of legal disclaimer. All views expressed across this web site and specifically on my work blog are my own and in no way the views of the company I currently work for. You can consider many of the postings as pure works of fiction and any relation to any persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Saturday 24th June 2006

After several months of neglect I return, to place my CV back on the CV page. For the first time in 18 months, it might be worth trying to get an idea of the IT job market. Who knows what the future may hold?

Thursday 8th December 2005

Summer seems nothing but a distant memory. Still not found the time to update my CV, but there is no need, I'm happily employed. Or so I would want you to believe. While it documents less of the technical knowledge I gain in the work place, it does document almost anything exciting that happens. I am referring to my work log of course. Updated on average twice a month.

Tuesday 23rd August 2005

CVs removed from CV page, while I work on a well overdue update. Please bear with me during this time.

Saturday 20th August 2005

Some major updates to the site, including new picture on the profile page. I am slowly going to start filling in the blanks and also update my CV, which is long over due. It may be the perfect time to find out how the pulse of the IT job market is currently beating. Before anyone misinterprets that as jumping ship or planning to jump ship, this is as far from the truth as possible. Purely undertaking the research, so I can equip myself with the skills and qualifications I need for the next step.

Friday 17th December 2004

Moved to hosting my blog on my own server, thanks to 123 Reg but still using the template from Blogger. Quite happy for the time being, but at some point the integration will be less noticeable. Now, how do I get rid of that BlogThis! bar.

Wednesday 27th July 2005

This is a quick message to all those recruitment agencies that keep e-mailing me and leaving messages on my mobile. I have a job and am not interesting in any new exciting opportunity that you may have waiting for me at this time. When I want a change of scenario, or career change or career break, I will contact you. In the meanwhile, please concentrate your efforts on those individuals who are unemployed and seeking that first elusive opening. When you can spare me the time please read my blog and keep reaching for the stars.

Wednesday 24th November 2004

After several months of hard work, the site finally goes live. There is also a blog running parallel to this site, hosting by those lovely people at Blogger. So go read my latest news.

Saturday 18th September 2004

The site has moved from my University servers to paid hosting with a new domain purchased.